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Meyer Sound Electrifies Mexico City Entertainment Complex

"The sound quality in every room is simply the very best in Mexico City. Our patrons have noticed, and it keeps them coming back again and again."

- Alberto Cinta
Development Partner, JoyCity Antara

The pulse of Mexico City nightlife noticeably quickened with the opening of JoyCity Antara, a multifaceted entertainment complex located in the chic Polanco neighborhood. It is a place where trendy pleasure-seekers can choose from multiple options for dining, dancing, socializing, or listening to a variety of musical fare. Wherever they go, they hear nothing but consistent, premium quality audio—whether live or recorded—delivered exclusively by Berkeley, Calif.-manufactured Meyer Sound systems.

To achieve exceptional sound quality in the key entertainment and hospitality venues of the complex, the JoyCity Antara development team relied on the experience and resources of Tecnología Avanzada para Espectáculos (TAE) to realize its ambitious goal.

"We insisted on nothing less than an absolute world-class dining and entertainment experience," explains development partner, Alberto Cinta. "After consulting with TAE and other trusted professionals, we learned that having the best music everywhere meant installing Meyer Sound systems exclusively."

The heartbeat of JoyCity Antara is the Ragga dance club, where top-ranked DJs electrify the dance floor through an immersive system of four Meyer Sound UPQ-1P loudspeakers and four 700-HP subwoofers. The surrounding bar areas pulsate to the nightclub's beat through eight UPA-1P loudspeakers.

JoyCity Antara offers two other venues for discerning lovers of live music. At Fat Crow, an intimate Jazz and R&B venue for an audience of around 80, every blue note is transparently transmitted through four UPJunior VariO loudspeakers and a pair of UMS-1P compact subwoofers. The larger, two-level Voila cabaret is powered by four UPQ-1P and three UPA-1P loudspeakers along with two 700-HP subwoofers. Artists on stage are supported by four UM-100P stage monitors.

For casual socializing, the Joy Room lounge with its eight UPJ-1P VariO loudspeakers and two 650-P subwoofers offers an exquisite atmosphere. All four venues rely on Galileo loudspeaker management systems for accurate and flexible digital signal processing.

"The sound quality in every room is simply the very best in Mexico City," states Alberto Cinta. "Our patrons have noticed, and it keeps them coming back again and again."

Restaurants at JoyCity Antara share the same exacting standards for their foreground music as the live venues in the complex. Erawan for Asian fare and 50 Friends for Italian cuisine, as well as the Splendido gourmet food boutique utilize a total of 28 self-powered MM-4XP miniature loudspeakers and seven MM-10XP miniature subwoofers to fill the spaces with subtly energizing yet non-intrusive sound.

The JoyCity Antara development adds nearly 54,000 square feet to the existing Antara Mall, Mexico City's premier retailing destination. Joining Albert Cinta on JoyCity's lead development team were Sergio Berger, Pedro Torres, and Eduardo Solórzano.

PostDate: 15/10/2010



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