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Mexico's Auditorio Nacional Eyes More Top Ticket Sales Rankings with New Meyer Sound MILO System

"When you consider the stature of shows booked in here, we cannot afford to use anything but the best equipment. That is why we chose Meyer Sound MILO. Our insistence on quality has placed us among the top venues in the world, and this new system allows us to maintain that reputation. It is certainly a strategic investment for the future of Auditorio Nacional."

- Mark Giancola
Production Manager, Auditorio Nacional

Mexico City's Auditorio Nacional is on a winning streak. The venue was honored with the top slot in Billboard's Touring Awards in 2007, and topped Pollstar's rankings of theatres and auditoriums by posting total ticket sales of over 995,000. To stay one step ahead of the world's top performance venues and notch its production values even higher, Auditorio Nacional has purchased a state-of-the-art audio system based around 60 Meyer Sound MILO line array loudspeakers, the largest MILO system owned by any theatre or auditorium.

The Auditorio seats an audience of nearly 10,000 and is the Western Hemisphere's largest auditorium that is not a religious institution. Size is certainly one reason for the venue's popularity. High technical standards have also helped to attract productions to the Auditorio, with more than 260 events booked annually, including performances by sold-out artists such as Sting and Robert Plant. According to Production Manager Mark Giancola, key factors that led to the important decision to purchase a MILO system were sound quality, application flexibility, and support from the company. "We present everything from pop and rock to jazz and classical, so we needed one system that has been proven over and over to be successful with all types of music," he remarks. "The MILO has certainly done that."

The Auditorio started using Meyer Sound systems in the early 1990s. According to the Auditorio, strong support from Meyer Sound through the years has helped foster a close relationship with the company, and the way Meyer Sound stands behind its products allowed the Auditorio to invest in this large system with confidence. "The service has been absolutely first-rate," testifies Giancola. "Antonio Zacarias (Meyer Sound's director of Latin American sales) and his team of highly-trained technical services staff have given us incredible support. They're always right there whenever we need them."

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PostDate: 29/05/2009



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